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Is HGH right for you?

Gone are the days when HGH is used solely for professional athletes and bodybuilders. Doctors worldwide are recommending HGH to regular people looking to improve countless symptoms, ranging from lethargy, weight gain, rapid aging, and much, much more. Low levels of HGH can happen due to any number of reasons, the most common being from simply aging, as our bodies decrease the amount of HGH produced, often starting in our early twenties. Here are common symptoms of low HGH levels:


  • Decreased muscle mass and strength: Both adults and children who have insufficient HGH tend to lose muscle mass due to a general wasting of muscle tissue. Overall skin texture and appearance is also negatively hampered when HGH levels deteriorate.
  • Decreased stamina and increased fatigue: Lower production of HGH can signal a noticeable loss in lung and cardio function, which causes lower levels of oxygenated blood. This, in turn, decreases energy and sports endurance and leaves the individual feeling weak or apathetic.
  • Increased weight gain: HGH keeps other hormones in balance. When HGH production is lacking within the body, the imbalance of hormones leads to an increase of fatty tissue, often as a result of the body working to increase the necessary hormones. In women, this tends to occur around the waist, hips and thighs. A secondary cause of weight gain due to HGH deterioration is due to an overall decrease in physical stamina and endurance.
  • Sleep disturbances: The hormone imbalance caused by low HGH levels can greatly affect one’s quality of sleep. Insomnia, or the inability to stay up late are both common symptoms in those suffering from low HGH levels, as well as feeling unrested, even after a full 8 hours of sleep.
  • Rapid aging: Many anti-aging, longevity, and cell regeneration medical doctors and scientists believe the dwindling level of HGH is directly responsible for the slow death, aging symptoms, and frailty that normally comes with getting older in the human life cycle. This connection of aging with decline hormone levels has prompted many scientists and researchers who are concerned about aging and longevity to conjecture the link between HGH and slowing down the aging process.
  • Increased cholesterol: A deficiency in HGH has been demonstrably shown to cause an increase in triglycerides while HDL (good cholesterol) levels decrease. This can negatively impact heart health.
  • Loss of bone density: Both men and women can suffer from loss of bone density due to a decrease in HGH levels. Low levels of HGH production can signal a decrease in physical stamina and strength, which in turn can lead to lack of exercise and resulting bone loss. In addition, HGH is needed for both sexes to stimulate protein production. When that ability is impaired, bones lose their density. For women in particular, a decline in HGH production will cause a decrease in estrogen, which hampers her ability to absorb the calcium she needs for strong bones.
  • Memory lapses and impaired mental health: High levels of HGH have been shown to improve memory and overall mental health by repairing neurons in the brain. As HGH levels drop, studies have shown an increase in memory lapses, inability to concentrate and overall deterioration of mental health.
  • Social withdrawal and depression/anxiety are also symptoms that are often associated with low HGH levels, which can be treated through an increase of HGH in the body.

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